AVIxD began organizing informally in 2008 as an association which coalesced out of the informal VUIDs Yahoo! group. We are continuing to explore what level of formality is best and how to leverage our resources, knowledge, and position in the industry. You are invited to join the cause!

Our Mission …

  • Create a voice interaction design community
  • Advocate for good design
  • Provide access to professional resources

AVIxD is About …

  • Bringing together previously informally-associated professionals into a more cohesive group that crosses borders between companies, providers, customers, academia, and disciplines
  • Discovering and defining together what it means to be voice interaction and experience designers
  • Sharing information: career knowledge, news, resources, and opportunities for professional growth
  • Eliminating apathy and antipathy toward the need for good design of automated voice services
  • Advocating for the general public who use our applications and products and for good design in general
  • Providing educational knowledge to companies and the public about automated voice services
  • Spurring and conducting valid and meaningful research into voice interaction and experience design techniques

AVIxD Board Members

Organization Bylaws

Working Group Policies